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Top Austin App Developers

Austin is among US cities with the highest rate of app development companies’ talent per capita. We have curated a list of the three very finest Austin app development companies that can do a great deal for your business’ mobile app aspirations. Have a look below and read through very detailed an honest testimonials about their strengths.


Syberry specializes in the app, mobile, software, and product development. The company has built over 250 custom made app solutions for over 150 corporate clients in a variety of sectors, from healthcare to construction industry.

Featured clients: PayPal, Walt Disney and Livestream, Telespace, THG

250 - 499

Located in Texas and specialized in creating custom software solutions, Brightscout is offering a variety of services including: SaaS Services, AWS Solution Architects, Mobile App Design, Logo Design and Website Design.

Featured clients: NFL, Syscoin, UTC, Mercy Health, dotCMS, Apple, Tipe

Under 49

For over 7 years, Applaudo Studios provides businesses with web and app development services. They are offering: Mobile App Design, Shopify, Ruby on Rails, User Experience Design, Outsourcing, Wearable Technology and more.

Featured clients: Benchmark, Level 60, NBC Golf, Coca Cola, Wurk, Hitcheck

100 - 249

Best Austin App Development Companies Of 2020

The vertical of mobile applications is big business and the global market is getting ever busier. If you’d like to keep searching past the top three companies, we have also compiled a list of hundreds of esteemed app agencies from this Texas city. Have a look below and you will likely find the firm that can help you collect bigger revenue through brand elevation process that comes with owning your app.

1. Syberry Corporation
https://syberry.comTexas 250 - 499$40/hr$50,000+
2. Brightscouthttps://brightscout.comTexas Under 49$95/hr$50,000+
3. Applaudo Studioshttps://applaudostudios.comTexas 100 - 249$75/hr$10,000+
4. Phunwarehttps://phunware.comTexas 100 - 249Inquire$25,000+
5. Slide UXhttps://slideux.comTexas Under 49InquireInquire
6. Consagous Technologieshttps://consagous.comTexas 50 - 99$30/hr$25,000+
7. KitelyTech LLCkitelytech.comTexas 50 - 99Inquire$10,000+
8. Fahrenheit Marketinghttps://fahrenheitmarketing.comTexas Under 49$150/hr$1,000+
9. thoughtbothttps://thoughtbot.comTexas 50 - 99$150/hr$10,000+
10. Digicorp Information Systems LLChttps://digi-corp.comTexas 50 - 99$25/hr$10,000+
Switch Software Solutionshttps://switchsoftware.usTexas 50 - 99$35/hr$1,000+
Simformhttps://www.simform.comTexas 100 - 249$30/hr$10,000+
Elevation Firmhttps://elevationfirm.comTexas Under 49Inquire$1,000+
Cappenhttp://www.cappen.comFlorida Under 49$60/hr$10,000+
The BHW Grouphttps://thebhwgroup.comTexas Under 49$115/hr$25,000+
Design Edge
http://designedge.comTexas Under 49$150/hr$10,000+
Funsize, Corphttps://www.funsize.coTexas Under 49$175/hrInquire
Eureka Softwarehttps://eurekasoft.comTexas 50 - 99$155/hrInquire
Moove Ithttps://moove-it.comTexas 50 - 99$100/hr$10,000+
T3https://www.t-3.comTexas 250 - 499InquireInquire
Next Big Technologyhttps://nextbigtechnology.comArizonaUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
Decipher Zone Softwareshttps://decipherzone.comAlabama50 - 99$10/hrUnder $1,000
Switch Software Solutionshttps://switchsoftware.usTexas
50 - 99$35/hr$1,000+

What To Look For In Austin App Development Company?

App development companies come in many shapes and sizes, with their strengths and weaknesses. The guide below is a good manual on how to detect the best in all companies and the three points that follow are the summary of those that are most important.



A no-brainer, and the first thing to look for in a good app company. Apps are plentiful and it’s hard to reach out to the surface unless you are in hands of an app developer that knows its job. Find yourself Austin app developer that is the best among the best and whose expertise and reputation precedes them.



The expertise of the Austin app developer of your choice does not have to be in strict ties with the budget you’re dealing with! Finding the best app developer that offers good value for the price you pay may be tricky but it’s doable. Look below for info on how Austin app development companies generally charge for the creation of apps.


Innovation Capacities

A good part of app developer’s expertise is in their innovation prowess. Developing reliable and high-quality apps is one thing, but taking it to a next level through inventiveness is a trick that will elevate your business to new heights as well. Always look for Austin app development companies that go that extra mile!

How Top Austin App Development Companies Create Their Products

Today’s size of mobile app market no longer makes it necessary to just have an app for your business – it must also be unique and stand out in the crowd.

One way local companies can help you with this is through creating branded app products that will provide big return on investment and increase your conversion rates.

These developers will also create mobile applications for virtually any device currently on the market (smartphone, tablet or desktop) as well as any operating system such as iOS or Android. Applications that can work on all operating systems are called hybrid apps – and all top companies can work on producing these as well.

The bottom line is, you – as a business entrepreneur – should work on ideas and realization of the said ideas in a way that will generate more value to your brand. With that in mind, app development companies from Austin that are well-stocked with experienced team members will excel in these areas:

User experience

This category has some variables that do indeed change over time – but its core stays always the same. Users everywhere demand a light-weight, quick app that can provide lots of content, interactivity and feedback options, with clean and easy navigation and interface.

Receiving something completely different can have severe negative effects: if we take into consideration that half of USA’s 230 million app users will not engage with the brand after only one negative app experience, it’s easy to see why.

That’s why top Austin app development companies have the needed experience and gut feeling what features and functionalities to go with. But more importantly, they will enter each project as if it’s their first and conduct market research on users’ habits and preferences.

Quality Assurance

Often times it happens that a mobile app is released and there doesn’t seem to be absolutely anything wrong with it. Until there is.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, best companies will conduct a series of strict QA tests on the go – as they’re defining and working on all the little bits and pieces of it. These tests (for bugs and UX errors) can help determine how the app as a whole works. But getting insight into every feature’s functioning is equally important. 

Supporting the app after it’s released

Once the finished product is in the app store, its fate shouldn’t rely solely on you. All of Austin app development companies should keep being engaged with it long after it’s become “old news”.

Apps need constant upgrades, tweaking, maintenance, updates and polishing. Find yourself a company which is willing to take on this challenge. And after all, why shouldn’t they? This app is part of their portfolio as it is part of your own and they will keep diagnosing it order to make sure it’s always performing well.

To help them achieve this, they should resort to new technologies and novelties in app development technology (such as cloud-based apps, big data, IoT, integration with social media, responsive design and so on).

Best Austin app development companies are focusing on all key areas
Best Austin app development companies are focusing on all key areas
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Choosing Austin App Development Company For Your Enterprise – What Are The Benefits?

Although the lure of offshore app developers is undeniable, picking a company that hails from a US tech hotspot like Austin has benefits that are more visible in the long run. And if you are serious about your business’s future, you should always think long term.

Austin app development companies are at the vanguard of new trends emerging and becoming a norm. They have the advantage of participating in creating new app features that are replicated across the globe. As the US provides the biggest testing ground in terms of base of consumers, Austin firms have the upper hand of being able to try out all the nuances of new frontiers first.

These Austin-based enterprises also provide:

Brand recognition boost

Stronger brands have better chances of success in any application store (Google Play, App Store or any other). Austin app development companies can help you determine what elements should your app have in order for it to become a defining virtue of you as a brand. Products that are lush with features, custom design, a strong platform and spotless user experience help with reaching this goal. Your brand will become associated with reliability and trustworthiness. 

Visibility and accessibility

Mobile apps of the highest order should be easy to use in any given situation. US consumers are on the constant move and they’re well accustomed to using apps that are just as functional in any environment as they are in the comfort of their home. 

Huge, constantly rising market

In 2018, app downloading generated revenue of $65 billion, while as much as 80% of US users were using smartphones to access the internet on a daily basis. There’s no telling how further the US app market will expand, except that it can only go up, so having a counsel from app development companies from Austin on the next steps and general predictions could be very helpful.

OK, but are there any specific advantages to having your own, branded mobile app, you might ask?

There are – and there’s more than one. In fact, the breakdown of this could go as follows:

  • Increase of efficiency, scalability and brand visibility: as your business grows, so must your app. A custom mobile app can help you retain and boost your productivity with its flexible capacity that can follow the bigger demand. Also, agencies understand the importance of having an application that is suited to your endeavor. Not having one is like you don’t exist in the business world.
  • Easy maintenance: as an owner of your mobile app – AND a partner of top-tier Austin app development company – you are entitled to having your own access to the app’s backend and keep it going from there, updating its content etc.
  • Closer relationship and better communication with your target demographics: sending personalized messages to your customers is easy through an app that is designed to make it possible. Also, your customers can provide faster and better feedback. 
  • Collecting customer info: in close relation to the above, through in-app forms, questionnaires and logins, you can collect valuable info about your customers. This way you can get to know them better and predict their behavior and needs.
  • The market is massive: Two industry leaders – Apple and Android – have app stores that are formidable in size. Millions of potential customers are every business’ dream, and through this vertical, they’re within your grasp.
Your business gets a well-rounded project with professional app development
Your business gets a well-rounded project with professional app development

The Cost Of Hiring Austin App Development Company

Austin companies charge at the hourly rate – and this ranges from $100 per $150 per hour.

However, the final price of your custom-tailored mobile app depends on a series of factors, such as:

  • The platform the app is created for (iOS, Android, Windows, hybrid mobile platforms, etc.)
  • The complexity of the app (simple, middle-of-the-road of complex)
  • Security and safety measures
  • App’s size (number of pages)
  • The details and depth of design
  • Analytics and backend administration
  • Lifecycle management 
  • Social media integration and user-feedback features
  • API integration
  • Miscellaneous other functions such as camera etc.

How To Pick The Best Austin App Development Company For Your Business?

Choosing one reliable partner out of many with similar qualities is very hard. All companies have a slightly different level of expertise and certain aspects they’re good at. But there are, of course, some fundamental points you should consider when hiring one of these. 

  • Be aware of their expertise: though they are likely to be the most expensive, look for evidence of high expertise in a company you are choosing by checking out their portfolio, ratings and client testimonials
  • Innovation capacities: the app your partner creates needs to be as inventive as it is reliable and sturdy
  • How willing they are to come up with marketing strategy: the best companies will partake in coming up with a suitable advertising scheme for their product
  • Keeping maintenance and security at the top of their priorities: user data is a sacred thing and a developer that doesn’t take care of this in every conceivable way simply isn’t worth your time
  • Project visualization: the initial meetings with the potential Austin app development companies should shed some light on their process and how they plan to execute it from the very beginnings to the very end.
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15 Questions To Ask An Austin App Development Company Before Hiring Them

  1. Will our company’s team of marketers and managers be involved in the development process and will you listen to their suggestions?
  2. Do you have an up-to-date portfolio of all your previous works that are similar to what we want?
  3. Show us the testimonies and reviews by your previous clients and users who are utilizing your products.
  4. Do you develop apps that are cross-platform?
  5. What does your team do to stay updated on the most recent innovations in app building?
  6. Do you offer services after the app is developed and released to the market?
  7. Do you offer any other service besides the design and development of apps?
  8. What level of research will your team undertake in order to define the right features that could help our business grow?
  9. Who will be working on our app project and who is our direct point of contact?
  10. How experienced is your team working on this kind of app project?
  11. Is your team prepared to be agile and work on changes and testing during the process?
  12. How is the project’s timeline determined?
  13. What is your crisis management plan and how will the project be kept on track?
  14. Can you define the precise cost of this project?
  15. As an Austin app development company, how oriented are you toward other countries’ markets?

There’s no denying that a seemingly simple act of choosing right companies is not simple at all. There’s research to be done in order to make the right call.

All of the above can be helpful. We have covered the reasons why your business needs to have a mobile app and how to pick the right partner for achieving this goal.

The final step is on you – and our list of top Austin app development companies near the beginning of this page can be of huge help with this.

Browse through it and select your Austin app development company based on criteria such as hourly rate, team size and portfolio. But never forget to ask them the obligatory questions in order to understand just how much of a perfect match they are to you.

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