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Top App Developers in Los Angeles

You will find numerous talented Los Angeles app developers who can turn your business idea into reality. Thanks to their expertise, you will be able to compete with other businesses in your niche and enlarge your audience. Explore the following top 3 Los Angeles software development agencies, which will help you stand out and make your business more valuable.


A custom software development company focused on web and mobile development. Helping startups and fast-growing tech firms to create by using best practices for web, mobile, Big Data, DevOps, QA & testing.

Featured Clients: Zefr, Convene, City Index, Barchart, ClassPass

New York
1000 & Up

Located in New York, with 6 creative teams around the world, Edenspiekermann is offering a variety of services such as: Mobile App Design, Drupal Website Design, User Experience Design, Graphic & Print Design, Consulting and more.

Featured clients: Red Bull, Google, Mercedes, The Economist


Located in Los Angeles, SPINX Digital is a creative digital marketing and web design company that provides its clients with services including: Shopify, Magento, Drupal & WordPress Website Design, Mobile App Design and more.

Featured clients: Beats Audio, Wet n Wild Beauty, GE Healthcare

Under 49

Best Los Angeles App Development Companies Of 2020

Due to the fact that there are billions of users around the world, we can see more and more businesses searching for app development companies. When talking about Los Angeles software development, there are numerous Los Angeles app developers, as well. Take a look at the following list of best Los Angeles app development companies which we carefully selected.

1. iTechArthttp://www.itechart.comNew York1000 & Up$35/hr$25,000+
2. Edenspiekermannhttps://www.edenspiekermann.comCalifornia50 - 99$250/hr$50,000+
3. SPINX Digitalhttps://www.spinxdigital.comCaliforniaUnder 49
4. Ozan Karakoc Design Studiohttp://www.ozankarakoc.comCaliforniaUnder 49Inquire$1,000+
5. The Development Factoryhttps://thedevelopmentfactory.comCaliforniaUnder 49$149/hr$50,000+
6. TechAheadhttps://www.techaheadcorp.comCalifornia100 - 249$25/hr$25,000+
7. GelCommhttp://gelcomm.comCaliforniaUnder 49$200/hr$1,000+
8. Fueledhttps://fueled.comCalifornia50 - 99$175/hr$50,000+
9. Ad Victoremhttps://advictorem.agencyCaliforniaUnder 49$125/hr$10,000+
10. veri.designhttps://www.veri.designCaliforniaUnder 49$75/hrUnder $1,000
Mobikasahttps://www.mobikasa.comCalifornia50 - 99$50/hr$10,000+
Creative27https://creative27.comCalifornia250 - 499$500/hrInquire
Simformhttps://www.simform.comCalifornia100 - 249$30/hr$10,000+
InfinixSofthttp://www.infinixsoft.comCaliforniaUnder 49$50/hr$25,000+
Householdhttp://www.household-design.comCaliforniaUnder 49InquireInquire
PDG Consultinghttps://www.pdgc.comCalifornia50 - 99$100/hr$50,000+
Room 8 Studiohttps://room8studio.comCalifornia250 - 499Inquire$1,000+
https://www.americaneagle.comCalifornia250 - 499$175/hrInquire
eFeeders Techhttps://efeederstech.comCaliforniaUnder 49$25/hrUnder $1,000
Sunlight Media LLChttps://sunlightmedia.orgCaliforniaUnder 49$80/hrUnder $1,000
Cappenhttp://www.cappen.comFlorida Under 49$60/hr$10,000+
Next Big Technologyhttps://nextbigtechnology.comArizonaUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
Decipher Zone Softwareshttps://decipherzone.comIndia50 - 99$10/hrUnder $1,000
Coding Pixelhttps://www.codingpixel.comCalifornia50 - 99$40/hr$1,000+
App Makers LA https://appmakersla.comCaliforniaUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+
http://www.deutsch.comCalifornia500 - 999InquireInquire
AR-Watcheshttp://ar-watches.comCaliforniaUnder 49$10/hr$1,000+
WANDRhttps://wandr.studioCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+

How To Find The Right Los Angeles App Developers?

When it comes to Los Angeles software development companies, there are many app developers in the market. But, which of them is right for you?

The best Los Angeles software developers are undoubtedly those who can meet your business needs. And, you will recognize them by focusing on the following qualities:

expert Los Angeles app developers

Experts In App Building

The best Los Angeles app developers have the right knowledge to create the perfect app for you. They have worked on many different projects and have finished them successfully. By looking at their portfolio, you will find out about their previous work and clients. And you will find out how experienced they are. 

cross platform app development

Understand Cross Platform App Development

Having your app on different platforms is essential. Your audience is not only using Android. They are using iOS as well. So, you need to hire Los Angeles app developers who can do cross platform development. This will allow you to reach more people and make more sales.

Los Angeles app developers are creative

Creativity Is Their Strength

The perfect Los Angeles app developers should also be creative. They need to make your app unique and much better than the one of your competitors. To stand out, it needs to be well-designed and user-friendly.

meeting clients needs

Meet Clients’ Needs

When Los Angeles app developers create an app, they should always focus on the clients’ needs first. It will contribute to more satisfied clients and more sales

possessing technical skills

Possess Technical Skills

Another quality of Los Angeles app developers is possessing technical skills. It means that they should always be up to date with the latest technologies and updates when it comes to app development. Thus is crucial in creating a fully functional and bug-free app.

Los Angeles app developers
Los Angeles app developers creating your app.

Los Angeles App Development Agencies: What Do They Do?

Every day, thousands of apps are launched on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. And, if you also have a business idea and want to turn it into a unique app, then you might be wondering how the process takes place.

Let’s see what Los Angeles software developers do and what are the steps of app creation:

  1. Come up with an idea. Every software development starts with developing an idea. If you have one, that’s great. If not, you can always count on the help of Los Angeles app developers. Once they understand what your business offers, they can easily come up with an idea. 
  2. Do research. The next step is researching competitors. It means that Los Angeles software developers make in-depth competition analysis. First, they find out their strengths, weaknesses and strategies. Then, they use this info to create an even better app for you. Moreover, this research also includes the needs of your audience, demographics etc. This step is essential because when you define who your clients are, you can easily focus on their needs. 
  3. Create a strategy. When they finish the research, it is time to focus on developing a powerful strategy. This process might elaborate on several different elements. For example, deciding which monetization you will use is of great importance. So, with the help of Los Angeles app development companies, you will pick the best option for your business. 
  4. Choose app functionalities and features. At this stage, Los Angeles app development companies will help you choose what type of app you need. Whether it will be iOS, Android or Hybrid app…it all depends on your business needs. Then, together, you will also have to decide how complex the app will be. This includes the number and types of features.
  5. Define the design. The design of the app is one of the key steps of the app development process. It is the first thing that your audience will judge. That’s why Los Angeles software developers should build a well-designed app. It should be unique and stand out from other apps of the same industry. However, when designing the app, Los Angeles app development companies should also focus on the user-friendly experience. It is the key to satisfied clients and increased sales. 
  6. Develop apps. The development process includes back-end coding. Here Los Angeles app developers will make a functional app that includes different features. The time it will take will depend on the complexity of the app.
  7. Test apps. Testing apps is essential because it will show whether the app works well or not. This is not something that only Los Angeles software developers should do. But, you should also be part of this process. Thus, you need to make sure that your app is fully functional, compatible, secure and that it performs well. 
  8. Launch apps. Finally, the last step is app launching. Once they launch your app, it will be available in app stores for download. Then, it is essential to promote it. Your goal is to get as many downloads as possible. But that won’t be possible without great marketing. Thus, you should promote your app on your website and social media accounts so that your audience knows about it.

Understanding the steps of app development will help you be better prepared once you hire Los Angeles app developers. It is much easier when you know what is expecting you and how complex app creation can be. However, although this may be an overwhelming process when done right, it carries many benefits. 

To make sure your app is built the best way possible, you should hire the best Los Angeles software development agency. 

Don’t know where to start searching for the top Los Angeles app developers? Don’t worry, we are here to help. 

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Los Angeles Software Development Companies: 5 Ways They Can Help Your Business Grow

In 2020, apps are a crucial part of every business strategy and we shouldn’t ignore them. Having a mobile app can have plenty of benefits for your company as well.

Here are 5 ways apps can make your business more valuable:  

  • Boost brand visibility. According to RescueTime, people spend more than three hours and fifteen minutes on their smartphones every day. This is a great opportunity for businesses to create apps and offer their products or services. Apps are beneficial since they increase the visibility of your brand. Thanks to them,f you can reach a new, wider audience. Thousands of consumers around the world will see your name, and you will get plenty of downloads. 
  • Build brand recognition. A well functional and attractive app that offers user-friendly features will make your brand recognizable and trustworthy. Thus, when Los Angeles app developers create your app, make sure they focus on your client’s needs. The more the consumers trust you, the more loyal they will become.  
  • Keep clients engaged. By sending your clients discount, promotion or sale notifications, you keep them engaged with your app and your business. This is a great way to make them always return, buy your products or use your services. 
  • Help you stand out from your competition. With a well-designed and unique app, you can stand out from your competitors and even outsmart them. Consumers know how to make a difference. And, they can recognize when your business provides them a better solution than your competition. 
  • Increase sales. A great app means loyal clients. And, loyal clients are people who always return within your app. They make your business more trustworthy and bring you more sales. Thanks to Los Angeles app development companies, you can develop an app and achieve your business goals. 

According to the Business of Apps, app downloads are predicted to reach 260 million by 2022. Thus, to stay ahead of the competition, you should rely on the help of Los Angeles app developers. The right app will make your business more valuable and increase your revenue.  

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Los Angeles App Development: How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App

The price of building an app will depend on 3 crucial factors: 

  • Type. Is your app going to be a cross platform or native one? Will it work on multiple platforms or only on one single operating system? Discuss your needs with expert app developers and find out what’s the best solution for your business.
  • Complexity. What kind of features will the app have? Is it going to be simple or an app with plenty of features? When you know the answers, Los Angeles app development companies can tell you a more precise price.  
  • Design. Is your app new, or you are rebranding it? Will you need a logo and brand name, as well? These and a few more factors also play a role in determining the price of your app.

For a fixed cost, it is best if you ask the potential Los Angeles software development agencies. However, if we are talking about average prices, then this is how much you would probably pay to the Los Angeles app developers:

  • $10,000 – $80,000 for a basic app.
  • $100,000 – $150,000 for a more complex app.
  • $150,000 – $250,000 for an app the includes lots of features.

Most of the Los Angeles app developers charge hourly, as well. The average cost ranges between $50 and $100 per hour. 

Hire The Best Los Angeles Software Developers And Be Better Than The Rest

Mobile phones are becoming more popular than ever. People spend lots of time doing different activities on them. However, what’s important for businesses is that 90% of smartphone users spend their time on mobile apps

This allows companies of different industries to create their own apps and compete in the market. Well-designed and audience-focused apps not only bring value but increase their sales as well. 

Thus, businesses need to take advantage of the increased mobile usage and beat their competitors with a unique and valuable app. 

There are some great Los Angeles app developers out there that can meet your business needs. Choose one among the best Los Angeles app development companies and enjoy the benefits of having a valuable app. 

Explore our table with top Los Angeles app developers and hire the agency that suits you the best.