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Top App Developers By Operating System The Best App Developers Ranked By Platform Experience And Focus

Most app development companies specialize in multiple operating systems (OS), but one usually prevails as their forte.

Our experts have reviewed thousands of portfolios to assess each company’s OS-based experience and skills, to compile a list of the top agencies in each category.

Scroll down to find the best Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry app developers:

top ios app development companies

Top iOS/iPhone App Development Companies

These agencies are experts in developing cutting-edge apps for iOS, iPad and Apple wearables users

Top iOS App Development Companies

Mobile App Development Companies - OS Q&A Work With The Top-Ranked Experts To Accelerate Your Business Growth

1. Which OS should I develop my app for?

To find the OS that suits your business goals, run thorough market research focusing on your target users’ OS preference and in-app behavior.

2. Which OS has the most apps?

Android and iOS have the largest number of apps. Google Play hosts over 2.7 million Android apps, while the App Store hosts over 2.2 million iOS apps.

3. I want to develop an app for more than one OS. How do I choose an app development agency?

Almost all top-ranked app agencies develop expertise in multiple operating systems so, they will be able to deliver on your expectations.